You're Missing Out

You're Missing Out

Ever wanna force your friend to watch this great movie you know they'll love?

Each episode, Mike Natale (Comic Book Resources) and Tom Lorenzo (Taste of Cinema) assign each other a film they've never seen that's either so incredibly good, so remarkably bad or so essential to the history of cinema that by not seeing them they're "missing out". Then they get together to talk and tell you if you're missing out too.

Updated bi-weekly.

Theme music by Seawolph.

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    Akira & Cloud Atlas

    Mike and Tom return for Season 2 to travel through time with Akira and Cloud Atlas.

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    BONUS EPISODE: Mark Russell (Live @ Cradle Con)

    A special bonus episode of You're Missing Out, wherein Mike sits down with Flintstones' writer Mark Russell to talk Prez, Snagglepuss and...religion? Check it out!

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    Primer (w/ Glenn Garthwaite & Tom Rizzuto)

    Mike talks about the film Primer and the new series Previously On Dr. Elliott Goldfarb DDS with co-creators Glenn Garthwaite and Tom Rizzuto

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    An Inconvenient Special: Infinity War-ming

    Mike and Tom prep for Avengers: Infinity War by ranking the films, breaking down the best and worst elements of the full Cinematic Universe, and letting Tom vent his frustrations about Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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    Amelie & Bad Boys II

    Mike and Tom watch Amelie (2001) and Bad Boys II (2003)

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    The Brood & Eraserhead

    It's the holidays. A time to think about families, so Tom and Mike take in some stories about the joy of parenthood, David Cronenberg's The Brood and David Lynch's Eraserhead.

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    Cabaret & 13 Assassins

    Tom learns that life is a Cabaret, old chum and Mike joins up with 13 Assassins.

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    Creed & Zero Hour (feat. Vic Natale)

    Tom brings on Mike's dad to fill in for his son and to talk about Creed, and Tom takes a look at an obscure film that inspired a classic with Zero Hour.

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    The Burning & Street Fight

    Tom drags mike into the woods to witness The Burning, while Mike takes Tom to the streets of New Jersey for a Street Fight.

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    Extreme Prejudice & The Great Dictator

    This episode, Mike and Tom talk about Walter Hill's Extreme Prejudice (1987) and Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator (1940).

    Featuring: Mike Natale (@NKOAS) Tom Lorenzo (@ragingbull1990)

    Theme music by: Seawolph

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    The Elvis Special

    The boys take on the legacy of the legendary Elvis Presley. Tom watches Jailhouse Rock, the King's most iconic film, and Mike watches John Carpenter's Elvis biopic from 1979. The results are...contentious at best.

    Featuring: Mike Natale (@nkoas) Tom Lorenzo (@ragingbull1990)

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    The Beguiled & Shaft

    This episode, Tom sends Mike to Dixie in The Beguiled, and Mike drops Tom in Harlem for Shaft.

    Featuring: Mike Natale (@nkoas) Tom Lorenzo (@ragingbull1990)

    Theme music by: Seawolph

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    The Phantom of the Opera & Knightriders

    Tom goes Broadway! Plus, Mike and Tom talk about a horror classic, and pay tribute to a horror icon.

    Featuring: Mike Natale (@nkoas) Tom Lorenzo (@ragingbull1990)

    Theme music by: Seawolph

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    Phantasm & Pumping Iron

    This episode, Tom shows ya "boooooooooyyyyyyyyyy" Mike Phantasm, and Mike gets Tom Pumping Iron.

    Featuring: Mike Natale (@nkoas) Tom Lorenzo (@ragingbull1990)

    Audio clips from Phantasm and Pumping Iron

    Theme song by Seawolph

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    Le Doulos & Battleship

    Tom tries on Le Doulos while Mike takes a ride on a Battleship.

    Featuring: Mike Natale (@nkoas) Tom Lorenzo (@ragingbull1990)

    Theme song by Seawolph

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