You're Missing Out

You're Missing Out

Ever wanna force your friend to watch this great movie you know they'll love?

Each episode, Mike Natale (Comic Book Resources) and Tom Lorenzo (Taste of Cinema) assign each other a film they've never seen that's either so incredibly good, so remarkably bad or so essential to the history of cinema that by not seeing them they're "missing out". Then they get together to talk and tell you if you're missing out too.

Updated bi-weekly.

Theme music by Seawolph.

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    The Abyss & 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

    In this episode, the guys are doubling up on deep sea diving. First, Tom has Mike watch perhaps the most James Cameron movie in Cameron's filmography, The Abyss (1989). Then Mike has Tom watch a real whale of a tale with Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954).

    They also end the episode impersonating Quato from Total Recall. We don't remember why this happened, but we left it in anyway.

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    Duck Soup & Straw Dogs

    This episode Mike takes Tom to Freedonia with the Marx Brothers in Duck Soup, then the guys get serious in a discussion of Sam Pickinpah's Straw Dogs. {TW: There are light but sizeable portions of the episode devoted to discussions of sexual assault during the second segment devoted to Straw Dogs}

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    Solo (feat. Vyce Victus)

    Mike and Tom are joined by film critic Vyce Victusto talk about the state of online film writing, the anniversary of Blade, congealed Gummy Bear deceit, and 1996's oft-forgotten Solo (not the Star Wars one).

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    Akira & Cloud Atlas

    Mike and Tom return for Season 2 to travel through time with Akira and Cloud Atlas.

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    BONUS EPISODE: Mark Russell (Live @ Cradle Con)

    A special bonus episode of You're Missing Out, wherein Mike sits down with Flintstones' writer Mark Russell to talk Prez, Snagglepuss and...religion? Check it out!

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